General Information:

In operation since 1990, the objective of the Delaware Aerospace Academy is to provide applied learning experiences through our Destination academies in related activities and fields. Throughout the week, girls and boys in grades 1 – 10 are continually challenged to think, create, solve, build, and work cooperatively. All academies are designed to integrate the STEM using Earth, Science and Space Education as the unifying framework.

In a cooperative learning experience, talented experts supplement our excellent staff of teachers and previous cadets. Lessons focus on applied learning through problem solving. Students learn in small groups, emphasizing the teamwork necessary in the real world.

Academy Matrix
Full Day Academy - Outpost in Smyrna, DE
Destination Discovery Entering 1st - 3rd Grade Full Day Academy June 15 to June 19
Full Day Academies - University of Delaware
Destination Sky and Beyond Entering 3rd or 4th Grade Full Day Academy June 22 to June 26
Destination Space Entering 4th or 5th Grade Full Day Academy June 22 to June 26
Destination Flight Entering 5th or 6th Grade Full Day Academy June 22 to June 26
Destination Orbit Entering 6th to 8th Grades Full Day Academy June 22 to June 26
Overnight Academies - University of Delaware
Destination Moon Entering 7th to 9th Grades Overnight Academy July 5 to July 10
Destination Mars Entering 8th to 10th Grades Overnight Academy

July 5 to July 10

Application Fee:

A completed application and $50 are required to reserve a space in a session. Sessions fill quickly, so send in application and fee early! All fees include the $50 non-refundable application fee. All balances must be paid before June 16; no refunds after Academies begin.


DASEF offers a limited number of need based scholarships. Scholarships will reduce fees but will be exclusive of the initial $50 application fee. A scholarship application can be requested by emailing or calling 302.834.1978. A teacher recommendation needs to be sent with your completed application.  **Application deadline is April 30.**



With the exception of Destination Exploration, all daytime academies are held at Clayton Hall, a UD facility located in Newark, DE.

Destination Exploration is held at the Environmental Outpost, in Smyrna, DE.

Length: 5 days, Monday-Friday, 9am – 4pm

Fee: $300

Before and Aftercare:

Fee: $50 for either or $100 for both

Additional time is available from 8am-9am and 4pm-5pm.  Typically, a G or PG movie is shown each day, beginning in the morning and ending in the afternoon.  Cadets may instead use this time freely and respectfully with any entertainment they may have brought.


Destination Discovery

(Entering 1st, 2nd or 3rd)
Cadets will set out on an imaginative learning voyage where they will observe and explore above and below the ocean. Ships, shells, sea creatures, fish, and even some pirates will make an appearance.  They will learn and explore different species of dinosaurs using creative approaches and activities.  They will participate in a dinosaur dig in ‘The Pit”, where bones will be excavated and assembled.  Certainly makes for a prehistoric week!

Destination Sky and Beyond

(Entering 3rd or 4th)
Cadets are challenged to a week of creative problem solving including: Powers of Ten, Millions of Stars, Planets, Space Habitats, and Rovers. In addition, cadets participate in exciting activities based on the physics of flight, leading to a training session in the Elementary Flight Simulator.

Destination Space

(Entering 4th or 5th)
Cadets will discover and learn about concepts from Earth to Space including: simple machines, circuitry,  the scientific process, weather and Newton’s action/reaction principle. The week features a series of experiments conducted in a space laboratory like NASA’s “White Room”, the construction of a simple machine LEGO creation, and a bottle rocket launch.  

Destination Flight

(Entering 5th or 6th)
Cadets will focus on an in-depth study of the principles of flight and cutting edge studies of Aeronautics programs. There will be many opportunities to apply this knowledge as cadets operate our advanced flight simulator and construct various flying creations.

Destination Orbit

(Entering 5th, 6th or 7th) 
Cadets learn an in depth study about Space Architecture, Living in Space, Physics, Rocketry, and Planetary Studies. The week is also highlighted by a field trip to the Dover Air Force Base, where they tour various facilities and visit the museum. The four cadet wings’ learn about science and technology as they relate to AeroSpace Science.



Overnight Academies are held in Clayton Hall, a UD facility in Newark, DE and cadets will stay in a nearby UD Dormitory.

Length: 6 days and 5 nights, Sunday @ 1pm or 2pm – Friday @ 1pm or 2pm

Fee: $650

Destination Moon

(Entering 7th, 8th or 9th)
Cadets will experience a variety of lessons and experiments that have been implemented in real world Lunar Studies.  Crystal Development, Advanced Rocketry, Remote Sensing, Robotics, Computer Simulation, and Telescope Building mark some of the key points of interest.  Cadets will also take a trip to the University of Delaware Composite Center, where they will learn about the strengths of different materials, then combine their knowledge and components to design and test their own space beams.

Destination Mars

(Entering 8th, 9th or 10th)
Cadets will be faced with challenges such as designing a robotic vehicle, an advanced rocket, solving a critical life-support problem, assembling a space station underwater, and conducting in-flight experiments in our Mars Simulation. This small group oriented academy sets the cadets in numerous team building activities.  There will be several visits from field experts and field trips to various facilities where they will test and apply the skills they’ve gained. 



Mail Application and Payment to:

Delaware Aerospace Academy

Academy Director:

P.O. Box 125
Bear, DE 19701-0125




Is there a cap on cadets per academy?

Mars- 40, Moon- 40, Orbit- 48, Flight- 48, Space- 44 (2 sessions), Sky and Beyond- 44 (2 sessions), Dinosaur- 20, Ocean- 20

Can a cadet request to be assigned to the same group as a friend?

Yes. Each academy is divided into 4 wings.  This request needs to be arranged no later than June 1st.  

Who are the Commanders?

Most Commanders are certified teachers from the public and private sector.  Others are from various technical positions, as well as military institutions.  

Have the Commanders had a background check?

All Commanders have had a background check as required by the school districts and the military.  All employees of DASEF are required to sign a sexual abuse and child abuse policy form.

Is there a nurse?

Yes.  There is a nurse on duty all day for the daytime academies. The nurse for the overnight academies is on duty from 8 am until the cadets return to the dormitories for the evening.  The overnight commanders will have an emergency medical kit for those night time hours.  

What should each cadet bring?  

Backpack, notebook, writing utensils, lunch and break time entertainment.

Will there be break or outdoor time? 

Cadets have an outdoor break after lunch.  Some activities are also outside.    

Can a cadet apply for the same Academy again?  

Yes, though we do encourage Cadets to experience a new Academy.  

What if a cadet is outside the listed grade range for an Academy, can they still sign up?  

Unfortunately, not at this time.  

Overnight Academies:

What type of bedding is needed for overnight?

Cadets need to bring sheets (single bed), a blanket, and a pillow.  Note: The rooms are sometimes considered a little chilly.

What is the arrangement of the dorm rooms?

There are two cadets to a room; a bathroom connects two rooms.  Note: Certain situations, based on what the UD dormitory facility has to offer, call for three cadets to a room.  

Can overnight cadets leave for another event and then return to camp?

Yes. Commanders need to be informed ahead of time so that arrangements can be made.  Returning cadets need to check in with the office before returning to their assigned wings.


I missed the deadline for the balance. Can the balance be paid on the 1st day of the Academy?

The balance needs to be paid before camp begins.  Certain situations and exceptions may extend this deadline.    

Additional questions?  Please don’t hesitate to ask.  



2019 Academy Staff List

Academy Director: Dr. Stephanie Wright

Lynne Bloom – Environmental Outpost 
Jodi Boyko – Kenmore Elementary, Cecil County School District
Cynthia Brauer – P.S. Dupont School, Brandywine School District
Teresa Connor – AeroJet Rocketdyne
Whitney Gadsby – Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service
Chuck Halfen – Newark High School, Christina School District
Brittany Harmon – Weber Shandwick
Lauren Harwood – P.S. Dupont School, Brandywine School District
Mary Koster – Environmental Outpost, DASEF
Laurie Leary – Tatnall School
Wendy Lewis – Chester Community Charter School
Tom Mendola – Caravel Academy
Stephanie Myers – Penn Medicine
Kathleen Raythien – Elementary School, Dinwiddie School District
Mary Beth Selby – JBM Intermediate School, Smyrna School District
Jenn Thomas – Alfred G. Waters Middle School, Appoquinimink District
Harry Wright – Environmental Outpost
Drew Yeager – Tatnall School, ret., DASEF
Chris Zimmerman – Christ the Teacher

Kristen Edmiston, Thomas Giorgi, Kaitlyn Gretencord, Deidre Holmes, Danielle Jacoby, Jori Masho, Jasmine Wang, Jessica Wang

Emma Altrichter, Kendall Bantum, Michael Bantum, Jack Barton, Amanda Beyer, Max Classen, Erin Duffy, Sam Gattuso, Toni Guariano, Aura Herce-Duchini, Lauren Hicks, Amy Honaker, Kristelle Juhasz, Arjan Kahlon, Shreya Mehta, Miles Petersen, Sebrina Pham, Zachory Pyle, Abhishek Raval, Sarthi Sheth, Andrew Sontchi, Joannie Wang, Christian Watson

Adhira Akala, Vilina Akala, Olivia Beddow, Ryker Boyko, Adam Cahall, Kirti Daga, Reece Hamlett, Alex Linton, Abhijeet Parmar, Nick Raden, Evan Royston, Mythili Satheesh