Our Vision

To create an exceptional learning environment that inspires children and their families with a sense of appreciation for the earth and its place in the universe.

Core Values

Integrity and Compassion
Responsible decision-making
Environmental Stewardship
Innovation, Exploration, and Discovery 

What We Are

The DASEF vision is driven by the belief that “Wisdom Begins with Wonder.” Capitalizing on natural curiosity through activities that include a problem solving component enriches the applied learning process for participants.

These multi-disciplinary and cooperative learning programs teach in tangible ways the skills of responsible decision making, leadership, teamwork, critical and creative thinking, communication and listening skills.

Educators and youth group leaders throughout the state and region are finding that the non-traditional programs and lessons offered serve as innovative and exciting unifying themes for teaching STEM as well as exposure to non-traditional careers. Because there are no similar facilities centrally located in Delaware, and our strong interest in educational issues, DASEF is in an excellent position to bring together leaders from the education and business communities, volunteers, and youth to enhance the science and technology being taught in schools today.

Additionally, through its partnerships with businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies and military groups throughout the region, DASEF provides a network through which Delaware’s economy and intellectual capital can grow and be invested in future generations. With help from its partners, DASEF strives to generate a more scientific and technologically literate workforce with members who take pride in the quality of their work and who believe their work can favorably impact society.



In 1984, Dr. Stephanie Wright applied for the Teacher in Space Program and was then chosen as 1 of 2 candidates representing the state of Delaware.  Beginning with the NASA Teacher in Space Program in 1984, and the continued support of numerous agencies in the state of Delaware, a part-time aerospace education assignment began in Delaware in 1986.  In 1989, a full-time state aerospace position was created for Dr. Wright in conjunction with the Delaware Teacher Center.

These events led to the incorporation of the non-profit organization, DASEF (Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation), in February of 1990, by a group of six founding educators, led by Dr. Wright.  The mission of this newly formed entity was to foster the pioneer space-age spirit in Delaware education, in an effort to prepare students and educators for the challenges and careers of the twenty-first century. DASEF has established itself as an innovative and progressive organization with the vision and resources required to link the science and technology of earth and space with the education of youth, educators and the public.  

The founding members began this endeavor with the Delaware Aerospace Academy, a week long aerospace learning experience. Since then, their vision has grown immeasurably, now offering a wide variety of experiences and programs. For 30 years, DASEF has contributed to the academic development of over 585,000 students, educators and the general public, through the delivery of context-based activities consistent with current scientific research and development.